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5060 Broadway St. , Pearland, TX 77581

(844) 476-6247

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Sign up instantly with the Iron 24 app. No calls, tours, or long-term contracts.

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Fitness + Recovery

Everything you need to get fit and recover in one great space.

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Iron 24 removes everything people dislike about gyms and adds features you’ll love, like a 100% digital member experience and Fitness + Recovery amenities to help you get fit and stay healthy.

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Why Join Iron 24

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Fitness + Recovery

Iron 24 provides all the tools you need to achieve whole body fitness -- from building strength and endurance to restoring your body and mind. You’ll get the best of a classic gym experience combined with the latest technology to achieve your fitness goals.

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100% Digital Member Experience

The Iron 24 app is home base for your membership. Join instantly, unlock gyms easily, and manage your membership conveniently, all from the app. No calls, meetings, or sales pitches required.

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Total Gym Access

One membership gives you 24/7 access to any Iron 24 location. With more locations opening nationwide you can unlock and work out wherever is convenient for you day or night.

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No Contracts or Hidden Fees

Never get locked into an unbreakable gym contract again. Memberships can be stopped by contacting us through the Iron 24 app.


  • Fitness
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Strength Equipment
  • Free Weights
  • Functional Equipment
  • Recovery
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Stretch Area
  • Technology
  • Iron 24 App
  • Member Only Access
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Free Member Wi-Fi

How it Works

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Create an Account

Select the location and provide requested info. A profile photo is required for security purposes.

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Access the Gym

Use the app to access the gym at your convenience and enjoy your workout.

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